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Keyword Research

Keyword analysis for your e-commerce site including volume and competition is essential to growth and improvement in search engine rankings. I will create a custom list for your site using your site and competitors. You can see volume and competitiveness to decide what keywords you should focus on.

Not just any will do, you need to use keywords with good volume to improve traffic to your site and to attract customers that convert.

Odds are your competitors are working on SEO and you should too. Google continues to update and change, but SEO research and implementation in quality content is still the cornerstone of search rank improvements.

Why Do Keyword Research?

When people think of keyword research their first thought may be of search engine optimization and although this is partially correct it is not the full story – good keywords are necessary in almost all types of internet marketing. When you are looking for something on social media sites you use keywords, when you are using search engines you not only receive organic results based on the keywords you use but also PPC results based on these keywords, and you should also be using keywords in your article marketing.

In order to ensure that you have chosen the right keywords that people are using to find your products and services you should start by doing thorough keyword research. You want to ensure that there are high search volumes for the terms you are using, and, if you are using SEO, then you also want the competition for these keywords to be relatively low.

How to Do Keyword Research

Once you know the importance of keyword research the next question is how to actually do this research.

Two good keyword research tools are Google Adwords keywords tool and Wordtracker.com. Google Adwords tool is free and will provide all the information you will need. You enter a few keyword ideas into a box and then allow Google to suggest more. When it does so you will also get a number of other results such as the amount of competition (a full green bar indicates lots of competition, a lower green bar indicates less competition), the average number of monthly searches for this term either globally or locally, expected PPC rates, etc.

Firstly you want to look for terms where there is reasonable search volume – if no one is looking for the terms you use then you will not be found. In terms of search engine optimization and PPC you also want to look for terms that have relatively low competition.

Keyword research is an important element of internet marketing. By doing your research you will be able to know what terms people use when they are looking for your products or services online and then optimize your website and advertising to match.

I’ve been doing SEO for more than 5+ years and helped dozens of clients go from pages 3 or 4 page 1 on Google. I am certified in Google Analytics and am an award winning writer, so I can help create compelling and authoritative content.